Samsung updates Galaxy S20 ultra green tint with software update

Earlier this week, we reported that the April 2020 update to the Galaxy S20 Ultra brought an annoying bug. Under certain conditions, the device will have a greenish tint. Considering that this did not happen before the update, it is clear that there are no hardware failures.

Samsung has been working to address this issue and has heard that it will be launching a software update for the Galaxy S20 Ultra soon. Updating will completely fix this.

The upcoming Galaxy S20 Ultra update will fix the green tint.
When the brightness falls below 30%, many apps will show a green tint with a scan rate higher than 60Hz. Most of the reports on this issue come from people who own the Exynos 990 on the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

We hear from trusted insiders that Samsung is aware of the issue and will soon release a software update to fix it. For the time being, users who don’t want to be annoyed by this bug can keep their refresh rate at 60Hz. It is definitely not the ideal solution.

One of the reasons that many customers are buying Galaxy S20 Ultra is that it offers a 120Hz refresh rate display. It’s a bit sad not to take advantage of one of the best features of a $ 1,400 device. I hope Samsung is not far from releasing this update for the Galaxy S20 Ultra.