Samsung to confirm clinical results of Corona 19 treatment ‘Lemdesivir’ next month

While korean and foreign pharmaceutical and bio companies are actively engaged in the development of corona19 vaccines and treatments, it is predicted that clinical results of the ‘corona19’ treatment will come out in the first half of the year.On the 19th, Samsung Securities said in a report, “The main clinical results of Corona 19 treatment are expected to come out in April and May, and the intermediate results of the Corona 19 vaccine in the second half of this year are expected.
Researcher Seo Geun-hee and Jeong Jun-young said, “Calletra, Remdesivir, etc. are conducting clinical phase 3 clinical trials for Corona 19, and in April, the results of Remdesivir’s clinical trials in China are 3, and in May, Calretra’s 3rd clinical trials in China and Rem “Decivir’s Phase 3 clinical trial in Korea will come out.””The primary indicator of the Phase 3 clinical trials of Remdesivir is the high probability of clinical success with low hurdles such as heat and oxygen saturation, and indirect efficacy verification has been completed through several papers. Although the cure rate is increasing by administering calletra, chloroquine, remedyvir, etc., these drugs have not been confirmed clinically through corona19. I expect this to be established. ”Meanwhile, researchers at Samsung Securities predicted that vaccine development would take about 12 to 18 months.