Samsung Satisfies Mobile Phone Users: Announces New Software Update for Older Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung did not forget the owner of the previous Android phone. Even two years later, Galaxy smartphones still receive software updates that keep their devices up to date. Samsung Galaxy Note 8, January Update Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is already in many markets for more than two years, it gets donated just the current monthly update. Samsung recently launched a variety of phones, including the latest Galaxy Note 10. Note 8 comes before Note 9. For Galaxy Note 9, this update was released on Android 10 but runs as a December update, so it’s not the latest version, so Galaxy Note 8 owners have some advantages.
Android update
The January update primarily closes the security gap for Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Samsung also solved some problems with its own software. All in all, it’s a small update that does some work. Mobile phone owners should not feel the difference. If so, feel free to write in the comments. Of course, you can also report when you received the January update on another Samsung smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: how about Android 10? Like the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Galaxy Note 8 no longer receives updates for Android 10. SamMobile. Instead, Samsung will continue to distribute security updates regularly. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with software updates for three years after the start of sale. This is much longer than Google uses mobile phones. This means that owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can use their phones for a long time without problems and even applications that require a safe phone.

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