Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S10 series is about to be released. From the news of the current exposure, the new S10 series will most likely adopt the new graphene battery technology. This technology allows the device to achieve fast charging, compared to the traditional lithium battery is new generation of battery technology. However, because of the earlier Note 7 battery explosion, Samsung is extremely cautious about the application of this battery.

Recently, there has been news that the Samsung Galaxy S10 series will use at least 20W of wired charging.

For Chinese manufacturers, Samsung has already surpassed Samsung in terms of high-power charging. Huawei and OPPO have already achieved fast charging of 40W-50W. The mobile phone only needs 30 minutes to fully charge. Samsung has adopted a relatively conservative strategy this time.

It is reported that the Samsung Galaxy S10 series will be equipped with three different battery capacities, Lite is the smallest model, will be equipped with 3100mAh battery capacity, S10 will be equipped with 3500mAh battery capacity, and S10+ battery capacity is the largest, 4000mAh.

The Galaxy S9’s 10W charger can make the phone full of 3000mAh for two hours. The 20W charger will be upgraded in speed and can be fully charged in 1.5 hours. Let us look forward to it.