Recently, according to XDA Forum news, Samsung’s latest Android Pie test code found that Samsung is developing a new camera function that can improve the ability of the phone to shoot at night. According to the XDA Forum, the specific implementation method of this function is that when the user activates the mode, it is not necessary to open the flash, and a better night landscape photo can be obtained by automatically taking multiple photos with different exposure levels for synthesis.

However, this feature is currently not pushed to Samsung’s latest flagship Note 9, so the XDA Forum speculates that this feature will start with the Samsung S10, and then may be slowly pushed to the S9 series and S8 series.

In fact, the camera night scene enhancement feature has already appeared on some mobile phones, such as Xiaomi’s super night scene mode, Huawei’s super night scene mode, and one plus also launched the super city night scene mode. After turning on this function, the picture quality is obviously improved. .

In addition, there is news that the Samsung S10 will be released in February next year, the screen size starts at 5.8 inches, and the price is about 650 dollar.