Samsung S10 Android Q Beta 2 is available for Root

Magisk developer topjohnwu announced a new Canary channel update, saying that it has already acquired Root on the Exynos version of the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e. At the same time, this version also supports the root of the Android Q Beta 2 device.

As a release of the Canary channel, implementing Root with this version is a big risk. Topjohnwu also mentioned that there is a lot of trouble with Root on the S10 series. He wrote a long guide for this, which is suitable for Samsung phones that are upgraded to Android 9 Pie.

According to him, installing Magisk on the S10 will trigger Samsung Knox security software. In addition, users need to unlock the bootloader (which means to erase data), and also need to do a complete installation of Magisk for the first time. Data erasure.

Since Samsung introduced the “VaultKeeper” service, it will try to re-lock the bootloader after the data is erased. Therefore, after unlocking the boot device, the user needs to complete the initial setup (you can skip several steps because the data will be erased again) and check if the bootloader is still unlocked.

To install Magisk, users need to download the device firmware, extract the AP tar file, then use Magisk on the phone to patch it, and finally use Samsung’s Odin software to brush in.

What is hard to worry about is that if you want to start the system with Magisk installed, the user must execute it through Recovery every time; if the user starts the bootloader with the warning that the bootloader has been unlocked, the normal method is used to boot. The system will not have Magisk.

This article gives a brief introduction to the process of the Root Samsung S10 series. If you are really interested in research, you can go to understand, or read the topjohnwu (all in English).