Samsung may also launch it’s first blockchain mobile phone in 2019

Recently, HTC launched it’s first blockchain Exodus 1 mobile phone, but not only HTC is a game changer also Chinese manufacturers including Lenovo, SUGAR, Changhong, etc. have launched related products, as well as Huawei’s Plans to launch blockchain mobile phone products. The latest information shows that even Samsung may have plans to launch blockchain mobile phones.

Related reports indicate that Samsung has applied for the smart machine function mark related to blockchain technology in Europe. The three brands are Blockchain KeyStore, Blockchain key box and Blockchain Core. From the name of the trademark application, Samsung may intend to develop (or is already developing) a mobile device with a cryptocurrency wallet function, so even if there is no other further information to refer to, it is speculated that Samsung has plans to launch the zone. Blockchain phone.

Although the trademark or patent technology claims do not mean that the relevant products will be launched in the future, Samsung has previously stated that the mobile phone is the safest device for trading cryptocurrency. Therefore, if Samsung further introduces a mobile phone product similar to HTC Exodus 1 with cryptocurrency wallet in the future, I believe it will not be surprising.