Samsung launches the latest Exynos 990 chipset, supports 120 Hz screen

Samsung has just finished announcing the launch of various mobile phones. All this year has gone So it’s time to launch the chipset that will be used with the flagship next year. At this time, Samsung has just announced the Exynos 990 with a new graphics processor that supports 120 Hz screen and higher performance.

The new chipset will be manufactured using 7-nanometer EUV technology and is faster and with more power-saving than the previous models like 9820 and 9825 more than 20 %, including the new 990 modem which already supports 5G signal.

Normally, Samsung does not disclose the speed clock speed of the chip, but it has 2 cores, customized special edition 2-core Cortex-A76 and the power-saving 4-axis model Cortex-A55 by Exynos 990 remain. Uses a 2-core network processor but developed the DSU part of the digital signal processor Which Samsung says it can process more Ten trillion times per second

And to increase energy-saving and safety The network processor now supports AI for data processing on the device. Instead of using a server like before Makes the face recognition system and background detection on the camera faster.

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