Samsung is working on an update to improve the Galaxy S20 Ultra camera

Samsung is working on an update for the improvement of the camera of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Reviewers noticed that the auto focus of the phone is slow. Samsung does not say whether it will improve that specific element.

According to The Verge , it’s about focusing and over-smoothing skin surfaces in photos. Samsung says it is working on an update that should improve the ‘camera experience’ of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but does not mention specific points that it will address.

The S20 Ultra is primarily focused on the camera. The phone has a primary 108-megapixel camera with an almost seventy square millimeter large sensor, almost three times as large as the sensor in predecessor Galaxy S10. He also has a camera with a periscopic telephoto lens, which gives an image of four times zoom compared to that primary camera.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra will only be released next month, so there is a chance that the update will arrive before it is available in stores. The release is scheduled for a week in some countries, while it will be released in two weeks in the Netherlands and Belgium. At release it costs around 1350 euros. Tweakers recently published a preview of the S20 Ultra .