Samsung is still releasing software updates for Galaxy Note5/S6 after 5 years

Although the official software update support for Galaxy S6 and Note5 has already ended, users recently discovered that they have received a new firmware package pushed by Samsung.

Although the bottom layer is still Android 7.0, the official seems to have solved a vulnerability that had to be fixed.

Specifically, the firmware version of Note 5 is N920SKSS2DTJ2, and the firmware version of S6 is G92xSKSS3ETJ1 or G928SKSS3DTJ3. Judging from user feedback, Korean users received the update first, and users in Europe and Latin America are also upgrading.

However, checking the security patch version in the phone shows that it is still stuck in September 2018. So it is still unknown what Samsung has fixed.

An impressed netizen said, did Let’s Encrypt warn recently that it plans to stop cross-signing authentication for phones with Android 7.1.1 and earlier systems starting from January 11, 2021, which means that a large number of security certificates are used The website will not be accessible anymore.