Samsung Internet Browser 10.2 Beta Adds Video Assistant Again

One of the most popular features of the latest beta version of Samsung’s Internet browser, Video Assistant, has been added again, according to overseas media Sam Mobile reported on Wednesday.

The video assistant function allows you to watch videos uploaded to the Internet in full screen or pop-up screen, and you can download videos you are watching easily. The feature was removed in version 9.0 but reverted back in 10.2 betas.

In addition to the video assistant feature, this beta includes ▲ Browser engine upgrade to Chromium 71. ▲ Menu settings. ▲ Tab manager improvements. ▲ Allowed apps. ▲ Smart tracking blocks. ▲ Harmful site warnings. ▲ Block content. ▲ Notification manager. Improved address bar ▲ Download manager ▲ Tab switching ▲ Quick launch synchronization ▲ Samsung devices interworking ▲ Optimized for desktop browsing using Samsung DeX ▲ Supports backup and recovery of quick launch items between devices with Samsung Internet 8.2 or later using Smart Switch do.

The latest beta version of Samsung’s Internet browser is available for free by visiting this link.

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