Samsung Galaxy Z Flip update improves camera Flex Mode

Samsung is having a great day for the update today. Along with the release of One UI 2.1 for Galaxy Note 10 Lite, a new version of the software for Galaxy Z Flip has also begun. Therefore, the April security patch is provided, but the camera’s Flex Mode is also improved. Before using the built-in camera app in Flex Mode, the viewfinder is always on the top of the phone and the controls are on the bottom.

However, after installing the new version, you can flip it over. In Flax Mode, you must tap the preview window twice to move it to the other side of the device. Flex Mode will turn on in certain apps with the Z Flip held at or near a 90 degree angle. The new software version is F700FXXU1ATD6 and is currently being released in Italy. It will probably advance quickly to other European countries within a few days. Of course, it will be released worldwide.