Samsung, Galaxy S20 autofocus fix update also sent to US phones

Samsung, Galaxy S20 autofocus fix update also sent to US phones
I need this update even if the problem is not as bad as it seemed at first.
What you need to know
A new update for all Galaxy S20 models aims to address the autofocus issue.
The update was originally for Exynos-powered phones only, and was done only through the Smart Switch.
Starting today, OTA updates will be released and it can take some time to attack everyone.
It’s only been a few days since Samsung released a camera-centric update for the Exynos-based international Galaxy S20s, but now we have confirmed that the same update will be attacked in the air via the current US phone. This update is basically set to improve or “correct” the camera’s autofocus, which was a bit confusing in the initial release firmware. Especially on Galaxy S20 Ultra. There are no front-end interface changes, but the update includes a new version of the camera app.
This update enhances the Galaxy S20 lineup capabilities, including the camera system. Samsung will continue to offer continuous software updates to enhance the overall device experience.
Prior to this update, I had difficulty focusing on the subject even when the camera was not moving or reflecting, and it was noticeable in both photos and videos. In S20 Ultra my test I would be more peculiar than the problem of renewing the contract, it was hardly as bad as on the S20 and S20 +, but nonetheless needed to be addressed. With this update, it seems that Samsung has done so at least in part.
As usual, updates are distributed gradually, and the time it takes to hit your phone depends on the model, carrier, and ultimately how slow Samsung has set the time it takes to deploy. We hope this update completely resolves the autofocus issue, which has been one universal negative indicator for powerful camera systems.

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