What is SAMOLED?Samsung Galaxy S smartphones generally have best-in-class screens, making them perfect for everything from watching movies to editing Instagram posts, and the upcoming Galaxy S11 might look better. Display technology.

This news comes from LetsGoDigital in a document filed by Samsung in early November 2019, found the name ‘SAMOLED’ trademark, a technology site in the Netherlands.The trademark is about the name, not the technology, so I’m not sure about the features and perks that SAMOLED offers, but you can judge by the name and the old Samsung phone.These are the best Samsung phones
and these are the best phones overall
What did you think of the Galaxy S10?Samsung’s phone uses an AMOLED display with the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 9, which boasts Dynamic SMOLED technology full of WQHD Super AMOLED screens. In most cases, this name is just as much a marketing skill as a real technical improvement, but this new name is often the better screen too.If so, SAMOLED is most likely the marketing term used to refer to the technology in the Galaxy S11. I’m wondering if Samsung shortens the AMOLED prefix to a single letter rather than the whole word, but that letter means something. .So at this time we don’t know the resolution or quality of the Samsung Galaxy S11 display, but Samsung doesn’t call it Dymanic AMOLED again, so some changes and improvements can be made for the new phone.Beyond the Samsung Galaxy S11,
the company that also submitted the trademark is Samsung Display Co, the arm of Samsung that makes screens for phones, TVs, tablets, etc., and Display Co is Huawei, Motorola, Google, OnePlus.So in addition to the Galaxy S11, you can see the SAMOLED screen on more phones from other companies, but it’s likely to debut on Samsung’s new phone.We expect the Samsung Galaxy S11 to be released in February 2020, but the news is already thick and fast, so avoid all the leaks and rumors on TechRadar.