Samsung Galaxy Note20 may have a large rear camera like the S20 Ultra with a less curved screen. Hope to launch at the end of this year

There is still news coming out continuously for the Galaxy Note20 that the premium flagship smartphone from the Samsung brand. Previously, a mysterious smartphone image appeared in the advertisement of Samsung. Many people speculate that the design image of the Galaxy Note20 and the latest clues have been revealed.

Roland Quandt, another reliable news source in the industry It reveals the underlying case for LED View Cover of the Galaxy Note20 +,  (the Roland Quandt, said that as of Note11 Plus, but many believe that this year’s Note Series will be renamed Note20) by even if it is just a picture on the back cover. But revealing important clues, such as the large camera space space in the upper left corner Which has a size And the shape that resembles the camera of the Galaxy S20 Ultra makes it possible that all Galaxy Note20 models will place the camera in the same style. By coming with at least 4 rear cameras with flash lights And upgrade to a new camera sensor with a high resolution of 108 million pixels. In addition, the case also revealed that the Galaxy Note20 may come with a less curved screen like the Galaxy S20 Series.Because the side edges are taller

For Galaxy Note20, there is still very little information to show. But there are reports that this year, Samsung may have a big change in the design of the front camera hidden under the screen. Including specifications that will be completely different from the Galaxy S20 Series Which normally Samsung will launch Note Series to see within the month of August Which have to keep following that the Galaxy Note20 Series will have some interesting features to hide.

Source: PhoneArena , Roland Quandt

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