Samsung did it again! Korean companies once again released security patches next month. An unprecedented move was adopted in October, when the company released the November security patch for several smartphones. Now we still have time to go a few hours before December starts, but the company decided it was time to release the security enhancements for the Galaxy Note 9 and Note 10 series in December 2019.

Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ currently offer N97 * FXXS1ASKB to bring the flagship duo up to date with regard to security. Samsung is making updates in nearly 25 European markets. By the end of this week, the company expects to cover all Note 10 handsets.

For Galaxy Note 9, there is N960FXXS4CSK2 software version. Unlike the update for Note 10, this update only applies to Note 9 devices in Germany. However, Korean companies will need to expand their availability to more regions in the future.

In addition to the December security patches, these updates do not contain any new features. It’s no surprise that companies are busy with the Android 10-based One UI 2 update. As all new features will be included in the next version of Android, there is no reason to import features from the pie-based release. After all, Galaxy Note 9 and Note 10 are both part of the beta program.