Samsung Electronics suspended the ‘Galaxy A70’ Android 10 update due to a serious problem.

According to Sam Mobile last week, the ‘Galaxy A70’ Android 10 update, which Samsung Electronics recently released in some markets, is reported to report a serious problem that it cannot boot after installing the update.

In particular, the seriousness is increasing as it is understood that this problem is not a software problem but a hardware problem. Inside the Galaxy A70, two different PCBs are mounted: a printed circuit board (PCB) that controls the screen and a PCB that handles device charging.

However, it was reported that Samsung Electronics did not inject the necessary code into the Galaxy A70 device with an older PCB in this firmware by mistake. When the firmware is installed, the version does not match between the motherboard and the charging PCB, so it is said that the mobile phone cannot be booted and becomes a problem.

It is said that the only way to solve the problem is to visit the Samsung service center and replace the old PCB. Most of these issues have been reported in models released in the Netherlands, and Samsung Electronics has not yet released an official position.

Meanwhile, in some models of the Galaxy M31, after installing the latest update, an update occurred and the device was paused. It is not yet confirmed whether this is the same problem as the Galaxy A70.

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