Samsung Electronics launches world’s first HBM2E 1.75 times faster than existing second generation

Samsung Electronics released the world’s first HBM2E (3rd generation).

First, HBM memory, announced by Samsung Electronics, is a high-bandwidth memory that increases data processing speed compared to general DRAM by applying TSV technology, unlike general DRAM. In some graphics cards, this memory is used in the NVIDIA Tesla (Volta) series, which targets AI and deep learning.

The world’s first HDM2E (3rd generation) flash volt (HBM2E) memory, which has been released by Samsung Electronics, increased 2.4Gb / sec to 3.2Gb per second compared to the 2nd generation HBM2. In comparison, data processing speeds per second have increased by about 1.75 times.

In addition, Flash Vault Memory has increased the capacity of DRAM by up to 16GB, which was possible up to 8GB in the existing HDMB2.

Finally, as the demand for supercomputers and GPUs used in data centers, AI, and deep learning is expected to increase, there is much interest in how the HDM2E will be released and supplied in the future.

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