Today, Samsung Galaxy C8 upgrades to Android Android 8.1 with Samsung Experience 9.5

Here’s a list of new features available : Shortcut panel Manage notifications for each application by notification type (supported applications only). The icon will appear at the bottom of the notification panel for the currently hidden notification. the main screen Press and hold the app to display shortcuts to frequently used or recommended tasks within the app (supported apps only). The notification flag on the app icon is linked to the notification panel. Clearing a notification in one location will clear the notification for the other location accordingly. Samsung keyboard Toolbars provide quick access to useful features. The GIF keyboard lets you send GIFs. More high contrast keyboards are available. System performance Limit background services to improve performance and battery life. The currently running application will always appear in the notification panel. Lock screen and screen reminder Added lock screen and info screen reminder clock style. You can adjust the transparency of the notification to achieve the look you want. Samsung account Control account settings and profile information for multiple apps. Click on your profile picture on the main settings page to access your profile and account settings. Samsung Cloud View and manage photos and memos that are only stored in Samsung Cloud. Select specific items to remove or restore from backup. Look at the size of each backup and how many items it contains. Find my phone When your phone is lost, remotely back up the secure folder to Samsung Cloud. Other improvements Bluetooth now supports high-quality audio codecs including AAC and Sony LDAC. Samsung Health’s new solid-top notification lets you see your steps at a glance. The new version of Samsung Video replaces the old version and cannot retain data. VIP users can continue to receive VIP benefits after logging into the VIP account in the new version of Samsung Video.