Review of the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, the most worthy of a flagship smartphone

Review of the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, the new flagship smartphone from Xiaomi. Previously, the Mi 9 series has been released for many models. Arrived, this model is considered the strongest model. The best performance in the group It is also less than $ 500 dollars. Performance And how useful the functions will be. Let’s see


For the equipment in this box, the concept is still the same, with enough equipment to use. Which did not get a headset included Which must buy more But it’s not a big problem Because the price is only a few 3 dollars Or use a headset that you already use regularly Whether it’s a cable that uses a 3.5 mm jack or wireless, which Xiaomi has sold for less than a $30 dollars . But for other devices With this

  • Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Smartphone
  • USB-C battery charging cable
  • 18-watt power adapter
  • Needle in the SIM card tray
  • Hard case, opal black
  • User manual


The Mi 9T Pro still comes in a design similar to its predecessor. The front is Corning Gorilla Glass 5 material that can display full screen without any notches or polyps from the digital camera embedded on the screen like other models. The display also uses AMOLED that provides realistic colours and has the Always-on display feature that can display the clock. With a small graphic image At any time using very little battery power

The back has a beautiful design with a pattern spread from the centre to the side in blue. And if exposed to natural light, the pattern will be more clearly visible, more beautiful In the centre there are 3 digital camera lenses: the Wide Lens, the main camera of 48 megapixels, the Ultra-wide lens, and the Telephoto lens. There is a LED flash.

The right side has a volume button. And the power button is surrounded by a distinctive red stripe As for the right side, there was nothing left.

Right side

Left side the top, there is a 3.5-inch Small Talk headset jack, which supports general headsets, which we have already mentioned are not included in the box. There is also a small hole. Is a microphone for noise cancellation as well

Pop-up front camera that will be activated only when entering the Selfie mode or using as a face scan system to unlock the screen. When the camera pops up, a blue light flashes and turns off. Looks cool. The upper part of the camera is still lit. Notifications Blinking when there is an app Alert in And if charging the battery This light will stay on, indicating the charging status as well. In addition, the front glass of the camera uses a very durable Sapphire glass to prevent scratches.

As for the bottom, the SIM card tray slot is a dual-SIM, but there is no additional memory card slot. Next is the USB-C port, which is the new standard of smartphones. Supports connecting additional devices and the following is the speaker box of the mobile.


The flagship has to use the strongest processor at this time is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, 7-nanometer manufacturing architecture that saves energy. And helps reduce heat The 3D image processor chip Adreno 640 for the machine that has been tested with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM, which is considered the top of this model that is sold in Thailand. Unfortunately, there is no RAM version 8 GB, ROM 256 GB sold. Because this model can not add microSD memory, the operating system of this model is using the latest Android version 9, covering with MIUI version, which also has the latest update as well.

For processor performance, PUBG Mobile can be played at the highest graphics resolution. Can play games smoothly, without lag, and also has Game Turbo 2.0 features that help iron performance And help each other with the processor Memory used specifically for playing games. With 8-Layer Graphite-stack and B i-directional cooling system for long gameplay without accumulating heat on the machine As for the speed measurement with the Antutu Benchmark 3D app, it can score 364788, which is considered to be at the forefront of the flagship smartphone at this time.

In addition, the Mi 9T Pro has a separate sound chip like the Qualcomm® WCD9340 dedicated audio chipset that provides clear sound. Better dimensional separation And if used with a headset that uses the USB-C port, it will deliver better digital audio, reducing noise or noise as well.


With a 3-lens camera with AI system that helps to take better pictures Which the system will adjust the light and the colour of the picture to look beautiful and realistic The48-megapixel main camera, f / 1.75 uses the Sony IMX586 image sensor. It comes with a 13-megapixel Ultra-wide camera that can store images up to 124.8 degrees, which is considered the widest at this time and the 8-megapixel telephoto lens helps. 2x optical zoom without losing details

For a 48 megapixel camera, suitable for photography that requires high resolution. But if you want a bright and beautiful image, you can adjust it to shoot in the normal mode 12 million pixels, which is a combination of 4 pixels to 1 pixel to get more light. There is a laser focus system that makes focusing fast. And more accurate

A 20-megapixel pop-up front camera with a blue flash when turned on. The Xiaomi claims that it can be used up to 300,000 times from the open test. Close the camera continuously. There will be a notification that the camera is turned on too much. It has to wait about 5 seconds before returning to normal use. There is also a safety system that shuts down the camera automatically when the system detects that it has been dropped. Helps prevent another level of damage that may occur

There are many shooting modes, including Night, Panorama, Portrait, Pro, Timelapse. The video can be shot at a resolution of up to 4K 60 frames per second. There is a slow-motion mode that can shoot 960 frames per second. For Portrait mode, it should appeal to girls That can shoot clear faces after blur. There is a Beauty mode to adjust the smoothness of the face. And also adjusting various parts Of a variety of faces Whether it is to adjust the big eyes, face V shape, nose, if, the chin is not enough. Can also adjust the proportion of the body Whether the torso, waist size, adjust the legs, adjust the size of the head. And shoulders as well Really unusual


Night mode on

Night mode off

Night mode off

Normal shoot

Ultra wide angle


For those who are worried about unlocking with a face from the front camera that will have to pop up to scan the face and fear that it will break quickly.

Long to unlock It takes about 1-2 seconds, which includes the time the popup camera scans and shuts down. But there are disadvantages that can’t be scanned in the dark. But if you don’t like it, you can choose to scan the fingerprint on the screen. The device can record a maximum of 5 fingerprints. The unlocking test can be done approximately 90% accurate but must know the location to get used to the scan in order to be quick. There is also a Switch Mode for 2 User use as if there are 2 devices in one device. Able to use 2 apps and 2 accounts. All apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Line and all others, which to switch between this 2 User will require a password. Or the fingerprint scanner can help to switch back and forth


The battery of this model has a capacity of 4,000 mAh and can be used for a long time for general use. And can play the game longer than other models There is an 18-watt power adapter inside the box, but the device can support a maximum power of 27 watts. If you want to charge quickly, you need to buy an adapter to use more, but the original 18-watt adapter can be charged quickly.


Having said that, impressed with the design. Performance from the Mi 8 to this model. Mi 9T Pro with specifications that are put to the end, including a screen processor, fingerprint scanner. All digital cameras use the latest technology. Only the imported models have not been sold yet. However, we recommend buying a 6 GB RAM, 128 GB ROM, because 64 GB size should not be enough for use in this era. Because all the applications, games, image and video file sizes are large If used until the memory is full, it is quite uncomfortable with the memory that is full and full again. But if general use, playing games, taking some pictures, 64 GB size should be enough Because the price is only $450, saving up to 50 dollars. The 128 GB model is open for sale at $500. If comparing the specifications with other brands, this level definitely requires twenty thousand baht or more. If you want to value, the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is the best value at this time.