Today, Xiaomi officially launched the MIUI10 new stable version system update to Redmi Note7 users, adding a handheld super night scene shooting function.

The firmware update size is 400MB, different mobile phones may have different size. After the update, the system version is MIUI V10.2.8.0.PFGCNXM. In addition to the new handheld super night view function, this update also fixes some scenarios. The splash screen, some applications consume power quickly, and the long-term interest screen re-brights after the status bar time is abnormal, and the image is inconsistent with the preview size in some scenes.

According to the official introduction, the principle of holding the super night scene is that when the shutter is pressed, the camera will take 8 photos with different exposure schemes, and combine multiple intelligent exposures, noise exposures, correction and other layers of tuning, and with AI anti-shake technology. , synthesize a high-quality high-quality