Another red light news came to ransomware that had been silent for a while.

The latest news is that the extension .JPG file attached to a false email telling you that you need to update Windows is a problem. When you run the file, it is infected with ransomware and all files are encrypted.

If you look closely, you’ll get a Windows Update email, but the problem is the .JPG file attached to the email. At first glance, the extension is .JPG, but in fact, if you run the file as a .NET compiled malware file, all files are encrypted as mentioned earlier. All files are locked with Cyborg.

If the attack resulted in the loss of Cyborg’s data, Cyborg_DECRYPT.txt would need to be found and decrypted, and the cost of decryption would be about $ 500. In other words, ransomware now impersonates a mail called Windows Update, and a new type of attack has begun.

According to foreign media who informed the news, Windows update is not normally an e-mail, but Windows OS itself, and through the official Microsoft homepage is a normal path, so when this e-mail comes, it is necessary to pay special attention.