Radeon graphics card faster than 2080 Ti, faster than OpenVR benchmark 17% faster

OpenVR benchmark results show AMD Radeon graphics cards faster than 2080Ti.

In the benchmark, the 2080 Ti scored 88.10 and 87.13 when using the HTC Vive MV @ 90Hz headset, based on a resolution of 1512 * 1680.The higher AMD Radeon (TM) graphics card is the same. Wearing a Vive MV @ 90Hz, he scored 103.32 points.

The next generation of RDNA is based on the GPU core name used in the test, the CPU name that was not confirmed in the CPU core name, but the AMD Eng sample (Zen 3 speculation), and that AMD was preparing a high-end Navi graphics card. It is speculated that it is not a 2-based graphics card.

If the benchmark information is true, AMD’s new high-end graphics card is about 17 percent faster than NVIDIA’s flagship graphics card, the 2080 Ti.

In addition, as the graphics card is still available, the product used in the benchmark is estimated to be ES, but when it is released to the consumer market, it is more likely to improve in real performance as the base clock and boost clock are higher than this. It is an open situation.

Lastly, AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su mentioned the high-end graphics card directly, and as a result, new graphics card benchmark information was confirmed, which attracted much attention, such as the actual performance and when the product was released.

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