Currently, updating mobile graphics drivers is not a frequent occurrence. Or we can choose whether to update or not to update Since it often comes with a new operating system But after the era of the Snapdragon 865 onwards, we will be able to update ourselves.

In the past, drivers were a big problem that delayed mobile updates. Google had to find a solution by making Project Treble out for mobile manufacturers to separate drivers into new partitions. Eliminating the need to write a new driver every time As a result, we are starting to see major mobile manufacturers release updates to Android 9 Pie and Android 10 faster than before.

In the middle of last year, Google went a step further with Project Mainline, which allows us to update the operating system through the Play Store, with the operating system being viewed as a separate part, including hardware drivers. This means that we don’t have to wait for a big update like Android 11 to update the drivers.

Originally, Qualcomm had an idea about an update for users to update themselves. But the process is very complicated and complicated It would not be wrong to say that Project Mainline made this dream a reality. Because the driver can be installed and updated directly No need to wait for a special opportunity to release updates anymore.

The bad news is that this project will start at the Snapdragon 865 , 765, 765G first, and newer models in the future will have the opportunity to use it as well. As for all older processors in the market, there will definitely not be updates through the Play Store. The frequency of updates depends on the mobile phone manufacturer. As it is necessary to test the drivers first to see how compatible they are with smartphones Before sending a more stable version of the driver to the Play Store