Qualcomm partners with BOE to develop foldable mobile screens Embedded 3D Sonic finger scanner

In this period, we are starting to see foldable screen phones coming to the market more and more, including Galaxy Fold , Galaxy Z Flip , Huawei Mate X , Motorola RAZR or Royole FlexPai, which each requires a fingerprint sensor. But in the near future, we should see a foldable mobile phone with a fingerprint sensor under the screen after Qualcomm has partnered with BOE screen manufacturing companies to develop flexible displays with sensors. Scan Finger buried under

For Qualcomm, many people are already well-known as the famous mobile chip maker of the Snapdragon series. Brand select As well as being a brand that produces finger scan sensors. The BOE brand is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of LCD / OLED panel displays, and is also one of the few companies to produce flexible OLED screens that are used for hands. Carrying as well (like Mate X and RAZR)

The partnership with both Qualcomm and BOE is to develop a flexible foldable mobile screen. To be able to stuff a 3D Sonic finger sensor under the screen Which the collaboration of the two companies will make various mobile brands Access the foldable screen technology that has a fingerprint sensor underneath at a cheaper price. And can also customize the screen design according to the needs of each brand Without having to sit and develop each other from the beginning

According to data, the flexible screen technology with a 3D Sonic fingerprint sensor is embedded beneath. Will be ready to be exported to the desired mobile phone brand by the second half of 2020. In addition, both Qualcomm and BOE are also preparing to expand the development of the screen to other IoT devices in the future.