Qualcomm may respond to the 5G network era, enabling new processor naming methods

There have been a lot of news about the new processor name that Qualcomm is about to announce in Hawaii. The earliest statement that the new processor name will be Snapdragon 855 , but there is a subsequent message that the actual name should be Snapdragon 8150. However, according toSascha Segan, author of the PCMag website , Qualcomm will still follow the previous processor naming principle and will use Snapdragon 855 as the next high-end processor product name, but it is also possible to adopt the new naming method directly.

According to Sascha Segan, “8150” is only an internal product, and the official name will still follow the previous Snapdragon 835 and Snapdragon 845 naming methods, with Snapdragon 855 as the new high-end processor name.

However, if this high-end processor will be used to manage the 4G and 5G network applications, perhaps Qualcomm will adopt a new naming scheme for this high-end processor, just as the previous Qualcomm processor products entered the early 3G network. 4G LTE network, the name changed from the original S1, S2, S3, S4 series to the current Snapdragon 200, Snapdragon 400, Snapdragon 600, and Snapdragon 800 series, even to increase the Snapdragon 700 to enhance the application of artificial intelligence technology in response to market demand Series processor products.

Sascha Segan further mentioned that Qualcomm also started to create another processor for notebook products, and the model is expected to be SM8180. According to the Snapdraogn 850, which was previously announced by Qualcomm in this year’s Computex 2018, the new processor for the notebook will be called Snapdragon 860.

Qualcomm expects to hold Snapdragon technical seminars in Hawaii next week, during which it is expected to unveil the new Snapdragon high-end processor, and it is expected to unveil new processor products that are compatible with regular networked laptops, which may include regular networked laptops with Samsung. Model.