POCO India tweeted hinting that a new phone is coming soon. Recently, a video tweet about Season 2 that should mean a new phone. And there is information suggesting that this model will use the name POCO X2.

What is interesting about the video is that it has been found in the video that the message POCO X2 is likely the name of the next mobile phone itself.

Previously there have been leaks and news of POCO F2 and POCO F2 Lite one round, but the news states that there will be three new models together. Today it became clear that the third phone would be POCO X2.

Most recently, Poco India’s Manmohan Chandolu, in an interview with the media. And said that the next phone is scheduled to launch in March this year Still focusing on the model specification of the top chip RAM, but the friendship price as before The operating system still uses a specially modified MIUI like the previous version.

In an interview, he said that POCO will use resources and the value chain of Xiaomi to control the price down and will use the data centre of Xiaomi to store data instead of placing the data centre itself As well as after-sales service, will mainly be with Xiaomi, the first phase will focus on online sales on the web first And will open your own store later And will mainly focus on sales in India As for the invasion of the world market, must wait.