Photo magnification of iOS 14 has increased significantly: Compared with iOS 13, the improvement is obvious

There is one more reason why iOS 14 is worth upgrading.

After comparison, it is found that in the photo app, the level of two-finger zoom in the picture has been significantly increased. As shown in the figure, iOS 13 can only zoom in to the entire flower, while in iOS 14 you can further view the details of the stamen.

Earlier in iOS 13, in order to improve the zoom level, you need to rotate the picture or use the three-party APP and other tricks. iOS 14 does not need to do this operation.

Of course, if you are not satisfied with the theoretical zoom limit of iOS 14, you can also zoom in further by rotating the picture. Considering the 12 million pixels of the iPhone, the significance of extreme magnification is not very big, basically it is full of pixel noise on the screen.

It is reported that in addition to the zoom limit adjustment, iOS 14 also introduced subtitle support for the photo app for the first time.