OPPO: will release 10 times hybrid optical zoom mobile

Today, foreign media exposed a number of OPPO multi-zoom technology related patent maps, sparking speculation.

In response, the person in charge of the OPPO imaging laboratory said in an interview with Sina Technology that OPPO is indeed exploring multiple or even 10 times of hybrid optical zoom technology. Currently, the technology is basically mature and may be commercially available in the near future .

At the MWC 2017 exhibition, OPPO’s first 5x zoom technology debuted, introducing a “periscope structure” lens design, the first 5x optical zoom is mounted on a thin mobile phone body, a clearer imaging effect allows the phone to zoom The first time the photo was taken, it has real value.

Compared with the traditional zoom technology, the mobile phone has only 5.7mm lens module, the total thickness of the lens is also thin to 7.8mm and has an anti-shake accuracy of 0.0025°. The optical image stabilization of mobile phone photos has been increased by more than twice, while the thickness is reduced by about 10%, and the anti-shake performance is also increased by 40%.

According to the person in charge, OPPO has its own advantages and related patent accumulation in the telephoto segment, and this advantage is extended in the 10-fold hybrid optical zoom technology.

As for the time point of commercial use, the person in charge said that OPPO will announce relevant technical details and commercial information as soon as possible. The most recent major exhibitions are the CES in January and the MWC in February, and OPPO is likely to launch the technology during this period.

It is understood that OPPO has established six research institutes and four research and development centers around the world, and image processing is one of the research directions. The 10x hybrid optical zoom technology is basically mature within OPPO.

From the previous OPPO’s overall technology roadmap and product rhythm, OPPO 10x hybrid optical zoom technology may be put into commercial use in the next generation of products.