Oppo to launch ColorOS 7 on November 20

OPPO, one of the Chinese mobile market makers, will launch the next version of the operating system, ColorOS 7, on November 20 in Beijing, China.

Oppo didn’t reveal much about ColorOS 7 , as we already know it is that it will use the latest Android 10 code, support Dark Mode, Focus Mode, and add gaming modes. By squeezing the throttle to the maximum working efficiency By maintaining the smooth flow of the game

For any model that will receive an upgrade to ColorOS 7, it will probably have to wait for the official launch first. In the past, the company vice president came out that the OPPO Reno 10X Zoom will receive an update to ColorOS 7 for sure.

In addition to OPPO, the children’s brand, Realme, will receive this gift too. But will have a different face, because Realme will focus on the face that resembles the traditional Android. On November 20, Realme will also hold an event in New Delhi as well (the launch of Realme X2 Pro) is expected That the event will launch a mobile powerbank wristband with VOOC-enabled, including ColorOS 7 (Realme Edition) at this event.

Anyone using OPPO / Realme will come to see if they can get updates or not. And when will it update for sure?