OPPO, which had previously postponed a new product launch due to MWC 2020, finally released its annual flagship model [OPPO Find X2 Series] in the form of an online global conference. This new flagship model is equipped with a Qualcomm S865 processor and a 120Hz curved surface. The screen is featured, showing the style that a flagship mobile should have.

Before the release of OPPO Find X2, it constantly revealed how many top technologies and features this phone has on the screen. This time, three products were released in the product series, namely Find X2 Pro, Find X2 and Find X2. Pro Lamborghini version, these three phones are products that support 5G connection.

120Hz, QHD + resolution gives users a new level of experience on the screen

The new OPPO Find X2 Pro and OPPO Find X2 both have 3168 x 1440 QHD + resolution, 6.78 inches, 120Hz screen refresh rate, 1 billion colors, and 100% DCI-P3 color display. At the same time, the screen supports up to 1200 nits. It is also currently intelligent The highest level of brightness on your phone.

In addition, in response to the high specifications of this screen, OPPO also ordered a super-sensing full-focus imaging system for Find X2 Pro, which specifically deals with the performance of the screen. With the help of a new graphics engine, the mobile phone screen can also convert the original 60Hz video Upgrading to 120Hz and de-enhancing the SDR image to HDR level. Through the image upgrading algorithms, such as tone mapping, color depth expansion, and color gamut expansion, the image quality of general movies is improved.

48 megapixels, 1 / 1.43 “sensor, second-generation new periscope focus lens

In terms of lenses, Find X2 Pro uses three lens designs, which are 48 million wide-angle lens + 48 million super wide-angle lens + 13 million periscope telephoto lens, covering from 16-160 mm focal length. The 48-megapixel lens of the main camera uses a SONY IMX689 sensor, with a sensor area of ​​1 / 1.43 inches. It is the largest sensor and unit pixel size in the Find X2 Pro.

In the wide-angle lens part, the SONY IMX586 sensor is used, and the 120 ° ultra-wide-angle lens is also a 48-megapixel lens. As for the telephoto focal length, the previous OPPO Reno 10x zoom version of the periscope lens is used.

The new 10x zoom lens uses the second-generation 10x hybrid zoom technology, with a new OIS chip and Fusion image zoom fusion technology, ensuring that the color and white balance between the three lenses are consistent, and also allows zoom The process is more natural and smooth; zooming in can also take super macro photos, zooming up to 8x, zooming up to 60x digital zoom, and videos up to 30x smooth zooming. This can be a good companion in daily life for anyone who loves taking a mobile phone to the end.

Unlike the Find X2 Pro, although the Find X2 also maintains a three-lens configuration, in addition to the standard lens also using 48 million pixels, the specifications used in the ultra-wide-angle and telescope lenses are the same as the Find X2 different. The Find X2’s ultra-wide-angle lens uses a 120 ° lens with a 12-megapixel F2.2 aperture, and the telescope lens is a telephoto periscope lens with a 13-megapixel F2.4.

Qualcomm S865 flagship, 5G SA / NSA opens 5G connection era

In terms of mobile phone performance, Find X2 Pro equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G processor has the most powerful processor at this stage. The CPU performance is 25% higher than the previous generation, and the GPU graphics processing speed is increased by 25%. In addition, it supports 5G SA / NSA. After the chip, a full-speed 5G experience can be realized.

In terms of capacity and memory, the full range of Find X2 supports the new generation of UFS 3.0 + TW (Turbo Write) + HPB (Host Performance Boost) technology. It provides 12GB / 256GB on Find X2 Pro and 8GB / on Find X2. Different specifications and capacities of 256GB and 8GB / 128GB allow users to choose.

In terms of batteries, the Find X2 Pro is equipped with a 4260 mAh battery, and the Find X2 is equipped with a 4200 mAh battery. The two mobile phones are almost the same, and no matter which version of the mobile phone the user buys, the charging part supports Super VOOC. The charging capacity of 2.0 65W Super Flash Charger can fully charge the mobile phone in 38 minutes.

In addition, Find X2 Pro supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof function, which can be placed in a depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. Find X2 supports IP54 waterproof and dustproof ability, and it can easily cope with daily rain and water splashing.

Three different materials, ceramic, leather and glass make different phone textures

Finally, in terms of phone color and price, the Find X2 series has three different combinations of ceramic, leather, and glass. Find X2 Pro offers three color configurations: satin black (ceramic), elegant gray (leather), and tangerine (leather). In terms of capacity, there are 12GB + 256GB versions, priced at RMB 6,999 (equivalent to about NT $ 30,765); while Find X2 provides three color configurations of Yehai (ceramic), blue wave (glass), and tangerine (leather) In terms of capacity, there are 8GB + 256GB versions and 8GB + 128GB versions.