OPPO ColorOS announces Android 11 beta release this month!

OPPO ColorOS, an Android-powered system that is powerful, intelligent and with a beautiful design on smartphones.OPPO has officially announced the release of Android 11 from Google.

With a user base of over 350 million, ColorOS is one of the main Google partners around the world. According to user reviews, users have a good experience with ColorOS on Android because of its unique features and features in ColorOS by specifically

In which OPPO has been working on a software system with Google via OPPO smartphones to enhance the user experience on Android. For example, the CameraX project that OPPO is working with Google with the goal of improving camera performance and The operation of applications such as Instagram Snapchat and others

In addition, a close ally with OPPO, Google, has confirmed that ColorOS will receive an update every year on the latest version of Android. OPPO will launch ColorOS on Android 11 beta this month on the OPPO Find smartphone. X2 5G and OPPO Find X2 Pro 5G.