Web browser maker Opera has expanded the easy-to-buy cryptocurrency to the United States, which has been limited to Scandinavia’s three countries.

Opera recently announced on a blog that it provides cryptocurrency simple purchase function for US users.

This update has been applied to both Android, iOS and PC versions of the Opera browser. Android users can use a debit card, and iOS users can purchase using Apple Pay. Currently, only Bitcoin and Ethereum purchases are supported.

The Opera side described the update as “a part of a strategy to eliminate hurdles that are a stumbling block to using cryptocurrencies on the web.”

Since 2018, Opera has introduced cryptocurrency wallet functions to Android, PC, and iOS versions of the Opera browser sequentially. After that, he added cryptocurrency simple purchasing function, and served in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark first, and expanded to the United States this time.

Opera has partnered with cryptocurrency brokerage company Wyre to provide cryptocurrency easy purchase services in the United States.

Opera plans to support cryptocurrency purchases in more countries in the near future.

“It is very important to make it easy for users to replenish cryptocurrencies in their digital wallets in the browser,” said Charles Hamel Crypto, General Manager of Opera, for adding a cryptocurrency easy-to-buy service to the browser. “It’s because it allows us to connect to the internet native ‘payment network.”