Onsplus 6T gets Android 10 update

OnePlus began quietly releasing the OxygenOS 10 update to last year’s phone OnePlus 6T . There is no media notification at all.

OxygenOS 10 uses code developed from Android 10, just like the OnePlus 7T is used and considered better than expected. As OnePlus said that it will release updates to OnePlus 6T and OnePlus 6 in November. (First, do not tell the time Causing to be expected at the end of the month)

For those who can’t click to check for updates, we recommend installing OxygenOS Updater in order to see the update patch. And can load and install immediately But during the installation, you may see a notification that Image Verification has failed but can be updated or the VPN to Germany is also fine.

This update is considered large enough to be 1.8GB in size. OnePlus 6 version has not been updated at this time. It is expected that during the final test and may be followed in the next few days