OnePlus will disable the color filter on the OnePlus 8 Pro’s camera in a future update. With that filter it is possible to see through thin layers of plastic, but also in some cases through other materials including clothing.

OnePlus writes on Weibo that it will disable the color filter in the coming week via an update. The function is not permanently removed; OnePlus says it will work on it first and bring the feature back if it “ no longer raises privacy concerns. ” The update that removes the filter will be released within a week.

Last week , users discovered that the OnePlus 8 Pro’s color filter camera can also see through thin layers of plastic, such as remotes and keyboards. Later it also appeared that it was possible to see through other objects through the camera, including in some cases through clothing , according to some users. OnePlus does not specifically discuss this, but the company does say that there is currently a lot of information circulating about the possibilities of the filter that are ‘not in line with the truth’.

According to OnePlus, the situation has raised concerns about privacy. The company wants to address those concerns. At the same time, OnePlus says that users also like to use the filter. The company therefore wants to come up with a modified version of the filter in the future.

Update: OnePlus now says in a statement on the forum that it only disables the feature in China. For international users, OnePlus is working on a solution that will keep the Photochrom filter working but stop ‘other functionality that may cause concern’. That update will besent over the air to userswithin a few weeks.