Released a few weeks ago Most recently, OnePlus Nord seems to be in trouble. When there are some users Reported that he had a problem with color distortion when adjusting screen brightness to under 25%, similar to the OnePlus 8 Pro encountered a few months ago.

The problem with color distortion OnePlus Nord will encounter only when Users can adjust Display Brightness to under 25% or simply say, however, it seems that the color screen distortion on OnePlus Nord still doesn’t have any solution. In this section, 9to5google, the famous IT website Also encountered the same problem with the review that OnePlus sent them to try out

Here, OnePlus has clarified that If the brightness is reduced to a low level, the AMOLED screen may cause color distortion. While saying that this problem will not affect general use Or the strength of the screen in any way wait and see. OnePlus will release a patch to fix this problem. Like when the OnePlus 8 Pro had a green screen problem?