OnePlus announced last month that it would combine its product development department with OPPO to streamline it, but OxygenOS will stay. The latest information reveals that OxygenOS and ColorOS code will be combined to make them work better together.

Gary C, head of product at OxygenOS, said the two companies are in the process of integrating key code to work on both systems, so that in the future OPPO and OnePlus will work better together. and set a central standard for what the system should be able to do

The executives at both companies said the change would take place quietly. in the operating system code Users will not be affected or changed in any way. After this, BBK Electronics (OPP’s parent company) will make it easier to maintain the code of the mobile operating system.

This change in the operating system development process has resulted in major update changes for each mobile phone model. After this will change accordingly.

  • Flagship lineups like the OnePlus 8 will receive at least three years of major updates. After that, security patches will be continued for another year. for a total period of 4 years
  • Mid-range handsets such as OnePlus Nord, Nord CE will receive a big update for two years. And continue to update security for another year. For a total period of 3 years
  • Budget mobile phones, such as the OnePlus Nord N, various models will receive a major update once. and security updates after another two years of major updates A total of three years