At the OnePlus new product launch conference, the official not only launched the flagship OnePlus 9 series blessed by Hasselblad, but also announced that the domestic OnePlus mobile phone will abandon the hydrogen OS and use the ColorOS for OnePlus system. The system will be launched on OnePlus 9, but other models will continue to be adapted.

Official information shows that OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro, OnePlus 8T, OnePlus 7T, OnePlus 7T Pro, OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro can all be upgraded to the ColorOS system.

The OnePlus community also announced the specific schedule. The adaptations of the ColorOS for OnePlus early adopter version are as follows:

  1. OnePlus 8/8 Pro/8T is expected to be released at the end of June 2021.
  2. OnePlus 7/7 Pro/7T/7T Pro is expected to be released at the end of September 2021.

In other words, by the end of September at the latest, OnePlus 7 and above models can enjoy the ColorOS for OnePlus system, while the OnePlus 6 series of the Snapdragon 845 model does not have ColorOS for OnePlus, but OnePlus promises to continue to maintain the hydrogen OS system .