OnePlus 8 Pro replaces Samsung Galaxy S20+ in top 10 in DxOMark camera rankings

OnePlus 8 Pro’s cameras have attracted attention due to recent filters. This made X-ray viewing possible, but at DxOMark, we devoted ourselves to the general discovery of Quad-Cam, and the most expensive OnePlus flagship took the 10th place. For those who focus on video recording, I especially like OnePlus 8 Pro.OnePlus phones are not always equipped with the latest cameras, but in 2020 the Chinese team can move from ranking to the current top 10 smartphone cameras, according to the DxOMark test report. That said, Samsung Galaxy S20 + unfortunately falls from 10 to 11. The ranking of DxOMark testers should not be pinpointed, but one or two individual focuses are crystallized.Looking at the individual photo and video subscores compared to the Galaxy S20+, the OnePlus 8 Pro (available on Amazon for 899 euros) stands out due to the overall results. und Farben has earned OnePlus points and is one of the top 5 smartphones for filmmakers or video lovers. As a result, OnePlus 8 Pro was ultimately ahead of the game when it comes to photography, but it was able to differentiate it from Samsung phones.

DxOMark experts love photography from the relatively large 48 megapixel main camera. Again, we get the highest score for exposure and color fidelity. Often, ultra-wide-angle and zoom cameras generally degrade slightly, but OnePlus does not tolerate extreme weaknesses here either. Testers have room for improvement, especially in underexposed and noisy night photography, and they also deal with artifacts from ultra wide-angle cameras.