OnePlus 8 Pro has a main camera, enough to match the Galaxy S20 Ultra and a larger wireless charging pad

Of course, if any mobile phone arrives JerryRigEverything will not just have to test the brutal torture, of course, because it will have to slit the gut of that mobile phone, which, after OnePlus 8 Pro tortured a few days ago. The latest is the surgical dilemma. Dissecting the internal hardware of the device … But what would it be? Let’s see it

For opening the back cover of this mobile phone First of all, use a heat gun to blow the glue off. Then use the blade gradually Pry the back cover out Since it has been well sealed waterproof

The first thing that touches the eye a lot When opening the back cover of the  OnePlus 8 Pro , it is a large wireless charging pad that supports fast charging speeds up to 30 watts. It is faster than wired charging systems of some labels.

When compared to the wireless charging plate of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the OnePlus 8 Pro ‘s disc size is much bigger.

Moving up to look at the main camera of the OnePlus 8 Pro, which, although having a resolution of just 48 million pixels, when compared to the size of the Galaxy S20 Ultra with a resolution of up to 108 million pixels, it can be seen that both have The size is almost no difference.

The OnePlus 8 Pro ‘s battery, although clearly written “Battery is not removeable” or simply means that the battery can not be removed (by itself), but removing it is very easy. Because he had all the space to pull Exerted just a little bit, the 4,510 mAh battery came out (Before removing the battery Don’t forget to remove the port that is connected to the motherboard first.)

The hole in the microphone and the SIM slot of the OnePlus 8 Pro is very close, and of course someone has accidentally put the needle in the wrong hole .. (One of them is me, haha) which Here, I can say that even if you stab the wrong hole Should not adversely affect the phone Everything still works as usual. (Best way, do not take anything to dip into the best)

When dissecting the OnePlus 8 Pro ‘s Fluid AMOLED screen, you ‘ll find the fingerprint sensor under the Optical screen.There’s also a Graphite tape and the black plate on the top is the heat pipe or heat pipe to help. Cooling

And at the back of the machine there is another Heat Pipe or heat pipe

OnePlus 8 Pro is another smartphone that has been disassembled for repair. Or easily change parts But this time it may be slightly harder to remove the machine, because OnePlus itself has sealed the device more tightly than before. In order to pass the IP68 waterproof and dustproof testing standard

Source: JerryRigEverything