OnePlus 7 Pro can’t stream Netflix HD after Unlock Bootloader

Foreign sources have found that when unlocking the OnePlus 7 bootloader, it will lose the DRM named Widevine L1, causing it to be unable to streaming video at HD (720P) anymore and be reduced. Only SD (480P) only

In the past, OnePlus 5 / 5T, the mobile phone of OnePlus, can watch streaming video at the SD level only. It must be sent to OnePlus to update the DRM to watch HD videos, but since OnePlus 6 / 6T onwards, OnePlus already has a built-in Widevine L1 encoder.

On the XDA-Developer website Some users say that just open Developer Mode and choose to allow the bootloader to be unlocked, then lose Widevine L1 and some users say that the bootloader lock again makes it back to Widevine L1. Shots or details confirm whether or not true.

Anyone who wants to buy OnePlus 7/7 Proand then unlock the bootloader to install Custom ROM may have to think again if it should be done or not. Because the resolution of streaming images is quite different.