April 1st April Fool’s Day show some unlikely things may not be a good idea, but this is what Windows 10 on ARM research hackers released, Twitter shows Windows 10 ARM system Running on Oneplus 6T phone.

The team has actually started to research Windows 10 for ARM on Oneplus 6T mobile phone for some time, and even released a video showing Oneplus 6T running Windows 10 ARM operating system.

According to the Twitter content display, Windows PE supports touch operations, but UFS has not been resolved.

Ben Imbushuo was one of the first Windows 10 on ARM research hackers. He revealed that Windows 10 on ARM is relatively easy to port to ARM devices. He said:

As long as you have 1) a general-purpose interrupt controller 2) architectural timer, WoA can run on general-purpose AArch64 hardware without additional HAL extensions. BCM2837 (for Raspberry Pi) is a special case (no GIC, but Broadcom IP) 1/

You can reuse many drivers. The touch driver comes from the 950XL (thanks to Synaptics’ RMI4 universal).

The latest news is that one plus 6T has successfully run the Windows 10 ARM desktop and the task manager content appears.