Samsung’s flagship lineup in early 2019 has begun receiving its fourth beta update with fixes for some issues introduced in previous releases. This is a simultaneous release in all markets where the One UI 2.0 beta is currently used for the Galaxy S10 variant. Currently confirmed in the US and UK, SamMobile was able to confirm the release of the update in Germany.

This update attempts to fix a more minor software flaw, taking into account the major issues already addressed in previous betas. As the flickering and always-on display behind the screen disappeared when charging stopped, I noticed that the edge screen now works well with Android 10 gestures. In other markets where UK people and Samsung skipped the first beta, this beta (ZSK9) is the third update, the rest is the fourth release.

UK’s third beta.

America’s fourth beta.

Different name, same update

All Galaxy S10 / S10 + / S10e users enrolled in the One UI 2.0 beta program can download the latest version from the Software Updates section of the Settings menu on the phone. This is probably one of the last beta releases because Samsung is expected to release a stable One UI 2.0. Supporting this theory is the fact that Korean companies have closed their beta registration in the home market of the Galaxy S10 series, as SamMobile pointed out.