On Christmas Day, one plus official announced the release of oxygen OS 9.0.0 version OTA update for one plus mobile phone 5, 5T, bringing a new Android 9.0 experience .

In this update, in addition to upgrading the system to Android 9.0, bringing a new Android Pie new UI, it also brought a new navigation gesture for a plus 5T. After the system upgrade, both models have also been upgraded to game mode 3.0, support text notification mode, third-party call notifications, and new Google lens mode.

It is worth noting that the addition of the 5 series model Android 9.0 upgrade integrated Google lens is not a Google camera application, but Google Lens, supporting intelligent knowledge, real-time translation and so on.

The details of this update are as follows:


Updated Android TM 9 Pie TM system

New UI for Android Pie

New navigation gestures (OnePlus 5T only)

Update the Android security patch to 2018.12

Other new features and system improvements

New game mode 3.0

Added text notification mode

Added notification of third-party calls

Do not disturb mode

New Do Not Disturb (DND) mode with adjustable settings


Integrated Google lens mode