One hydrogenation OS11 will support a new dark mode, and can also automatically switch regularly and one-key quick start

Liu Zuohu, CEO of OnePlus Technology and founder of OnePlus Mobile, introduced the dark mode of the new hydrogen OS11.

Liu Zuohu said that it was a Dutch design student who provided them with ideas and participated in this work. He believes that the dark mode should not only change the background to black or dark, but should also be more layered and beautiful.

According to reports, OnePlus has made many adjustments and optimizations through remote cooperation to take care of the user’s visual experience in dark colors. The hydrogen OS11 dark mode also supports functions such as timing automatic switching and one-key quick start.

Liu Zuohu also said, “In this dark mode, we let users who are visually impaired can also enjoy the care and warmth from technology.”

IT Home learned that OnePlus “Hydrogen Listening 2.0” will be held at 14:00 on August 10th . One hydrogen OS11 will also launch version 2.0 of the meditation mode, which supports “multi-person meditation”. Users can avoid interruptions by inviting others to focus on the current affairs together.