The foreign well-known explosives On leaks released an Apple “iPhone XI” renderings, the new iPhone has a square camera unit, three cameras are non-linear. Now he has once again exposed an Apple “iPhone XI” rendering, the camera design is completely different from before, and even used a ring flash, let’s take a look.

According to On leaks, today, the CompareRaja team has exclusively exposed the rendering of the “iPhone XI”. Based on the above renderings, the iPhone (2019) may retain a front panel design similar to the current iPhone but will have smaller bangs and a slightly thinner border (not visible to the naked eye). The biggest difference may be on the back, where you can see the horizontally stacked triple rear camera module in the centre. The camera unit includes three camera sensors, a ring flash around the centre lens, and a microphone under the centre camera. The volume button is placed on the left with the mute switch and the power button is on the right.

Regarding which of the previous and exposure and current exposures is more accurate, the broker explained that Apple’s new machine was in the early stages of production, and the three 2019 iPhones were still in the EVT stage (engineering verification test).

On leaks speculates that there may be two possibilities:

  1. Leaked prototypes will be retained and sold as two different models (such as iPhone XIS and XIS max).
  2. One of the leaked prototypes will be cut off and the other will be retained.

As mentioned earlier, Apple plans to launch three iPhones in September 2019. The lower version may be the successor to the iPhone XR, while the other two high-end versions will be the successors of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.