OmniVision shows the smallest camera in the world for medical use.

Former camera manufacturer OmniVision for iPhone shows the new camera that has been validated and supported by Guinness World Record as the smallest camera in the world.

From the image of the camera placed alongside the pepper seed, you can see that the camera is tiny With the cross-section measuring approximately 0.65 x 0.65 millimetres Designed for medical use

Nowadays, when physicians want to check our bodies Such as in the case of a blood clot in the arteries Or nervous system The treatment is quite difficult due to poor quality Fiberscope. Also, those cameras cannot be used repeatedly. And too large

The body of this OmniVision camera is smaller. Better picture And can be cleaned for reuse Resulting in a much lower cost of purchasing equipment The machine has a LED cable inside, so even in the body, it can increase the brightness to a certain extent. (Can not increase because it will cause heat), in addition to advancing medical and saving lives more And easier The patient’s side will have fewer wounds. And disappear faster as well.

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