Free 90-day license for ‘Parabrix’ GPU acceleration tool for researchers

Nvidia announced on the 20th that it will provide researchers with a 90-day free license of ‘Parabrix’ software, which can accelerate gene sequence data analysis up to 50 times through a genomic analysis tool utilizing a graphic processing unit (GPU).

This allows researchers working with data from British startup Oxford Nanopore to take advantage of GPU-accelerated tool storage at GitHub.

“The researchers are investigating the proliferation of diseases and susceptible targets of infection through the genome sequence of coronavirus and corona19 infected people, but NVIDIA genome analysis requires considerable time and computing power,” said NVIDIA. The time it takes to identify a variant of the entire human genome can be reduced from a few days to an hour per server, given the unprecedented spread of Corona 19, reducing the analysis time from days to hours is a virus. “It can have a huge impact on the evolution of vaccines and the development of vaccines.”