New information about NVIDIA’s next-generation graphics card amps has been confirmed.

NVIDIA’s amp graphics cards are estimated at RTX 3080 (tentative name) and RTX3070 (tentative name), and the cores of the GPU are estimated at GA103 and GA104. Not only The rumoured leaked information also included information about the CUDA processor and VRAM.

The RTX3070 (GA104) has 48 SMs and has a Kudacore 3072, while the RTX 3080 (GA103) has a total of 3840 CUDA cores in 60 SMs. In terms of memory configuration, the RTX3070 is equipped with 256bit memory, which is capable of basic 8GB up to 16G, and the RTX3080 is expected to have VGB of 10GB up to 20GB via 320bit.

If the rumour is true, considering that the existing RTX2080 model is 8GB of VRAM, it seems to have improved performance and VRAM than before. Some have heard concerns about whether prices will increase as VRAM increases.

Finally, the official announcement date and benchmark information for the RTX 3000 series have not been released. The existing RTX 2000 generation was slightly disappointing in price/performance, but there is a lot of interest in what kind of product the amp and GPU that have been changed in process and architecture will be released.

Some analysts say that the performance improvement will be great as the process changes and the architecture changes simultaneously.