Nokia N95 re-engraved version of the mobile first exposure: sideslip true full-screen design

Remember the Nokia N95 back then?

As a high-end smartphone produced by Nokian in 2007, it has become the dream god of engine oils of that era with the Symbian S60 operating system, upper and lower double sliding cover design, 5 million pixel Carl Zeiss lens, VGA front camera, Wi-Fi support, etc. machine.

Although the times have changed, HMD, the Nokia brand, intends to resurrect the N95 in this era.

Up master Michael Fisher showed the N95 re-engraved engineering prototype produced by HMD in the latest video. Unfortunately, it cannot be turned on for functional demonstration.

Like the concept map, the N95 re-engraved version uses a full-screen form, and it is a true full-screen without any special-shaped cutting. At the same time, the sliding design of the N95 is retained, but this time it is a unique side sliding, which can call out a panel with dual front cameras, flashing lights, and dense speaker openings .

The back is also ingenious. It is still blessed by a Zeiss lens, but the outer ring of the back camera can be pulled to serve as a bracket in the horizontal screen video mode.

The internal configuration is temporarily different. According to the Up master, HMD does not intend to deliver it to mass production for the time being.

Of course, the idea of sliding sideways out of the speaker and the back mobile phone holder has been HTC before, including EVO and HTC 7 Surround, but finally…

The picture shows the official design concept